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The Haflong Municipal Board's workers are doing strikes since few days demanding theirs pending salary


GUWAHATI july 03: In the amid of covid-19 pandemic in india,the sanitation workers have been playing greater roles by cleaning the town’s,cities keeping hygiene to fight against the virus. Today’s thirty-five sanitation workers of Haflong Municipal Board (HMB) in Dima Hasao district have cease their work demanding the pending salary, following the cease work street- side dumps seen overflowing with garbage, disposal and waste littered around the town.


However the HMB have cleared in some parts of the town by engaging daily wage labours. The sanitation workers have been striking since Thursday demanding 10 months over due arrears.
One of the worker said addressing media; that “they had face worst time during lockdown as the shopkeeper denied to gave them goods and essential stuff in credits due to high balance and non-payment of salary.So they are bound to take loan from local money lender on high interest”.

” Our salary is of not now it’s been going on since several years. If only few months salary will be cleared we can only able to pay their debt so what we will eat and also we have to pay school fees of our children besides other necessary needs”.

A female worker also says; “these days the price of commodities are hiking day by day we are not cleared our salary since long time so we have to collect scraps and sell them to meet our end .Our children also demands to eat seasonal fruits like ripe Mangoes,pineapples,but we convince them saying that once salary will be cleared soon and bring lots of fruits”.

Meanwhile the assistant head of Haflong Municipal Board (HMB) said that the salary of those employees could not be cleared due to non-availability of fund and no sufficient collection of taxes due to covid-19 pandemic.He also said that their officials are trying their best to collect pending taxes from the North Cachar Hills Autonomous Council and hope for clearance of salary if collected. The present tax collected are being spend in offices maintenance other sanitization work like vehicles expenses.

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