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About 50 countries are reportedly interested in the CoWIN app for their vaccination drive.

GUWAHATI july 06: The Cowin- App made in india was used or created for the purpose of vaccination drive to fight against the covid-19 pandemic during the amidst of massive hits by the ‘Virus’.

About 50 countries are reportedly interested in the CoWIN app for their vaccination drive.


After the creating of Co-WIN was operationalised on January 16, it has scaled rapidly amidst multiple policy changes and developments. After the launch of its third version, Co-WIN had already witnessed over 20 crore registrations by early May.

Recently, the Chairman of Empowered Group on Technology and Data Management to combat Covid-19 and member, National Expert Group on Vaccine Administration of Covid-19, RS Sharma, had slammed concerns of privacy on CoWIN app and said that the data was protected and safe in the app.

India made its digital platform for Covid-19 vaccination drive, CoWIN, open source for all countries to access, adapt and use. This is perhaps the first time that any country is making a software platform developed by its public sector open for the world.

Speaking at the Cowin Global meeting on Monday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said, “Soon, CoWIN will be available to any and all countries.” The software can be customised to any country according to  local requirements.

India has administered over 350 million doses of vaccine through this platform so far,One can register to get vaccinated on CoWIN app that can be downloaded for free and has a self-registration facility. It will also be used to record vaccine data.

One can also register at common service centres at the block level by self. Managers can also upload bulk data.

Vaccination details can be verified when the dose will be given and when the second dose is to be given.

A certificate to be given with QR code after vaccination, tracking of dropouts as well.

Sessions planned vs sessions held report will also be monitored.

People will need to upload a photo identity to register. It can be an Aadhar Card, Driving Licence, PAN Card, and others.

Around 50 countries like Canada,Maxico,Nigeria,Punama,Uganda are among the countries shows desire to adopt the technology of COWIN-APP.

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