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SILCHAR,July 23: Nimbalkar Vaibhav Chandrakant, Superintendent of Police (SP) currently posted in Cachar has  prove wrong the reports of non-Mizo’s residing in Khulicherra and Dholakhal fleeing in threat of being attacked by Mizo forces. Addressing the media the SP called the reports as a “baseless”.

“Since our police forces are camping there at the border and we are continuously monitoring the situation. No such instances of civilians leaving their homes in fear of their lives have occurred. We have verified that matter,” SP  Vaibhav said.


Chandrakant has asserted that though the atmosphere was tensed but the situation was under control.

“Both the Assam Police and Mizoram Police are now camping there face to face. As a result, some people have left the place, but it is not due to any threat of life from the Mizo forces,” The SP added further.

Clarifying the reports regarding some daily wage labourers from the minority community working in lands owned by Mizo’s in the border area on the Assam side, Nimbalkar Vaibhav Chandrakant said that the lands were owned by the residents of Assam and were also having their names on the voter list of Cachar.

“They had engaged local Muslims as daily wage earners. Due to the Eid festival on 21 July, these daily wage workers were coming back with their belongings from their workplace,” said the SP.

Keerthi Jalli, Cachar Deputy Commissioner, after visiting the site on Wednesday said, “This is constitutional land of the state of Assam. We are ensuring the borders remain intact. I would like to request the public not to believe in false news.”
The border issues between Assam and Mizoram have existed since the formation of Mizoram- first as a union territory in 1972, and then as a full-fledged state in 1987. Tension intensified off late between the two states after Mizoram Police allegedly built a temporary shed in the disputed land.


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