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Watch the English speaking skills of viral video; A Ragpicker from Bengaluru will surprise you with her soulful voice

Bengaluru,Aug, 17:  A ragpicker woman from the city of Bengaluru,who picks up rags and other waste material from the streets, refuse heaps, etc., for a livelihood has stunned the Internet with her English speaking skills and her soulful voice. Videos of the woman who has been identified as Cecilia Margaret Lawrence have gone viral on social media.



In the video, posted by Instagram user Shachina Heggar, “Cecilia claimed that she lived in Japan for seven years from 2007-14“. She even sang a lovely song while having a conversation with Shachina.

“Stories are always around you. All you need to do is just stop and look around. Some beautiful and some painful, but hey, whats life without a few flowers,” Shachina captioned the video.

Shachina said, “She was collecting plastic and when i aksed her she said she sweeps the church and collects and sells plastic for a living“.

The videos have gone viral on social media, with netizens being in awe of her vibes. Some said that Cecilia is a regular at the Holy Ghost Church on Sundays.

One user said, “This is so inspiring… She is not alone… I loved how she said that she is not alone.. God bless her and you.” Another wrote, “What a wonderful spirit!! Loved it when she says you call it alone ? And rightly said @itmeshachinaheggar what’s life without few flowers like this!”

A third user added, “Life is full of ups n downs.. Bt dis lady’s confidence in d Almighty n herself is so intact… Commendable…i salute her attitude.” Yet another posted, “I learnt a new lesson after seeing this video…. not to judge anyone by their appearance, everyone has a past and is going through something in their life.”

Cecilia has also modelled for some public art projects. Instagram page @ceciliaed_always has shared some photos from the shoots.


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