Your Voice, Our Strength


The moon is shining at its brightest

Adding up brightness to everything equally with the stars.


The stars around the Moon is brightening up the busiest city

Looks like our mother nature saying Good Night to her kids

By kissing their cheeks with cold wind

Clouds are floating in the sky like its dancing around the Moon side by side

Making the children fall into sweet, safe and beautiful sleep by the soft touch with lullaby

But far-far away little did the children know

That there is a place where nobody goes

Untouched by the human long long ago

That has a touch of the ghost

The creepy place has a villa

That once witnessed a homely touch of the people long ago

Now the beautiful villa has turned the ghost villa

Had a creepy tree leaning over by its side that promised to stay forever

The moonlight falls over the house leading to brightening up the burned marks over it.

Once there was a time where giggles of the children playing were heard

Now the howling wind, along with the rustling sound of the dry leaves are heard

Banging of the creaked doors and windows with its groaning sound

Framed by gnarled tree, with broken windows and mass covered roof under the moonlight

Making every soul to shiver from its inside

Once there was time when smoke used to came out through the chimney

Now the small forest of spruces have forced their way in the villa through its chimney

Once there was a time when the laugh of the family were heard through the windows

Now the whistling of wind are heard through the broken windows

The columns full of the dirt, antique dust turned the beautiful villa into the dust collector

Which is accompanied by the rotten, burned smell spread in the air

On one side the city full of light is pleasant, peaceful under the moonlight

On the other side, the ghost place is howling under the moonlight


-Mahalakshmi Vaishnabi,

BA.LLB Final Exam , Lloyd Law College, Delhi,NCR;Final year BA(Psychology);Senior Grade student of one of the World Best Music School/College 1)Trinity Music College, London

2)Royal Music School, London; She can teach Piano online. Interested may contact her in

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