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Ex-Afghanistan minister ‘Saadat’ is working as a Pizza delivery guy in Germany

Berlin, August 25: Former Afghanistan information minister Syed Ahmad Shah Saadat, who has now taken refuge in Leipzig, was recently captured by camera on the streets of Germany where he is working as a food delivery guy.

A year after he left Afghanistan fearing Taliban’s bloody agenda, Saadat has now taken up a job as a driver for a delivery service in Leipzig and was on his way to deliver pizza when he was captured on camera by a local journalist.

When the former Afghanistan minister was left with no other choice except to find a job for his living, he started working as a pizza delivery boy.

Pictures of Saadat roaming around the city on his bicycle and delivering food door-to-door went viral online on Wednesday. 

Few images were shared by Al Jazeera Arabia and other local media outlets showed the ex-Afghan minister delivering pizza on his bicycle.


Saadat also spoke with Sky News Arabia, as per reports, and confirmed that the pictures circulating on social media were his.


The German journalist who claim to have spotted Saadat on the streets tweeted, “A few days ago, I met a man who claimed to have been the Afghan communications minister for two years ago. I asked what he was doing in Leipzig. “I’m driving out of Essen for Lieferando” [the man told the jounalist]”. Lieferando provides food delivery services in Germany.

He had joined the Ashraf Ghani-led Afghanistan government as a cabinet minister three years ago in 2018. Saadat had served for two years as the Afghanistan information and technology minister and later resigned last year. He then reportedly arrived in Germany in December 2020.

Saadat also holds two master’s degrees in communications and electronic engineering from Oxford University, the Hindustan Times reported




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