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A woman and her brother-in-law falls in love with each other deeply while Playing Online ‘Ludo’

A especial love story in new generation ,a woman fell in love with her brother-in-law while playing Ludo online. The woman and her brother-in-law were so deeply in love affairs with each other that they both decided to run away from home to somewhere.

The woman ran away from her husband and started living in a live-in relationship with her brother-in-law. They also decided to get married soon. All the preparations for the wedding were completed. But before the marriage, brother-in-law suddenly disappeared.


According to information received, the incident took place in Jodhpur, Rajasthan. A woman named Neetu, who lives in Jodhpur, used to play ludo online. Her brother-in-law Praveen also used to play Ludo with her. Therefore, both of them got along well while playing the game. Gradually they became friends and the friendship later turned into love. They ran away from home for each other.

The two rented a house and were staying there in a live-in relationship. They decided to get married soon and had set a date for it by registering in court. Praveen suddenly disappeared just as the wedding date was approaching. Neetu realized that he had disappeared because he had not returned home the next day.

She lodged a complaint with the police. Neetu has claimed that Praveen’s family made him disappear. Police have launched a search for Praveen. Police have informed that Neetu and her husband relationship were not on good terms. Neetu and her husband have been separated for 8 years and Neetu has said that she does not want to live with her husband. Further investigation is going on..

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