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Shocking Viral: A calf borne’s with two heads and three eyes in Odisha’s

A shocking incident happens in our country which  appear as bizarre and unbelievable. A little calf that was born during Navratri is one such odd example that used to happened during ancient time.



The calf was born with two heads and three eyes in Odisha’s Nabrangpur. Shortly after that, locals started worshipping the animal as an avatar of ‘Maa Durga’.

The calf, born to a cow owned by Dhaniram, a farmer of Bijapur village of kumuli panchayat in Nabrangpur District thoroughly surprised the farmer and his family. Take a look at the video if you don’t believe us:

“The calf is having trouble drinking milk from its mother, so we have to purchase milk from outside and feed her,” Dhaniram’s son told India Today.

As the unique calf was born on the occasion of Navratri, people in the locality have started worshipping the calf as the avatar of Maa Durga. The villagers are worshipping the calf after making it face south, as the direction is considered pious to them.

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