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In Wedding ceremony a Bride, groom in Kerala reach flooded hall in cooking vessel for marriage


In Amidst heavy rainfall, floods, and landslides in Kerala, there was a pleasant development appears of a couple — Both are health workers — they showed courage on flooded roads and reaches their wedding hall in a large Aluminium cooking vessel to get married on Monday.


They travelled nearly 500 metres on a traditional copper cooking vessel for their wedding held in a local temple at Thakazhi near Alappuzha. Both bride and groom are health workers working at a hospital in Chengannur.

Entering wedlock in a flooded hall at Thalavady adjacent to a nearby temple, where they were scheduled to get married initially and which too was filled with water, the couple was joined by a very limited number of relatives.

The couple — Akash and Aishwarya — were seen travelling in the cooking vessel.

After their wedding, the couple told reporters — who were covering the rising water levels in the district and had arrived at the hall after hearing about the nuptials — that due to COVID-19 pandemic they had kept invitees to a minimum.

They also said that since they had scheduled the wedding for Monday, they decided to go ahead with it as it was an auspicious event and did not want to delay it any further.

“We were not scared to travel in the vessel,” said an excited Rahul while Aishwarya said, “We all are happy that the wedding took place at the planned auspicious time.”

They said that when they arrived at the temple a few days ago, there was no water, but after the heavy rains in the past two days, the place got flooded.

A relative who organised the ‘vessel’ trip said, “Some areas near the temple were almost submerged but we managed to bring both the bride and the groom on time.”


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