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A horrific accident where father killed his own son for asking money for Diwali celebration

GUWAHATI: A terrible incident happened at Teok in Assam, a 23-year-old son was allegedly killed by his own father for asking money for Diwali celebrations.

According to police statement, Kakumoni Bora was killed after an altercation occurred with his father for asking Rs 10,000 for Diwali celebrations on the night of October 31.


The incident has taken place at Meleng in Teok under the jurisdiction of Lahdoigarh Police Outpost.

The boy had been missing since October 31. As such, the Police searched the premises on Monday, (November 8). Later, Bora’s body was recovered from an abandoned toilet nearby.

Father Phanidhar Bora admitted to his crime and told Lahdoigarh Police that his son wanted Rs 10,000 to celebrate Diwali, but he could offer only Rs 1,000. Following the reason of money, an argument between the father and the son letting to the death. Both the father and the stepmother have been arrested by the Police in this connection.

“The father told us that he beat his son with a bamboo stick, resulting in his death. After that they buried him in the toilet,” a senior official of Lahdoigarh police.

Police presented both the father and stepmother, Horumai Dutta Bora, to the District Court on Tuesday, November 9.

“He hit me first and tried to strangulate me, so I pushed him and because he was intoxicated, he fell down. Taking the opportunity, I hit him on the back of his head with a bamboo stick a couple of times. He started bleeding immediately, so I dragged him towards a nearby toilet and buried him there,” Phanidhar Bora said.

“No one was there when the incident occurred. My wife just helped me drag the body outside,” Bora further added.

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