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Dance is that one state which actually gives you an outlet for your emotional, physical, mental and sub conscious stress.

Annkita Dolawwat

Latin and Standard ballroom dance teacher


With Ballroom classes making rounds by Ms.Annkita Dolawwat around Guwahati city and a few diverse professionals who are learning to groove to the beats of standard and Latin ballroom dancing by her, here is what these students have to say when it comes to breaking the monotony of their professional lives and how these classes are bringing positive changes to them.



Rohini Surekha

Investment Banking Professional

Investment banking professional with 12+ years of experience in the finance industry. She spearheads her own boutique investment banking firm after an enriching 10+ years’ experience as the CFO of an A listed Infrastructure Company.


In my attempt to balance work and family requirements, I was donning many hats and thus the time available for doing my own things was reduced to zero. Dance to me was what I did on the dance floor after a couple of drinks but I always aspired to do it well. So what begun as a desire to look good on the dance floor has now converted into a full blown hobby. I love it when I am dancing with Annkita. I look forward to my class!! And I love myself a little bit more, all thanks to the happy moments spent while dancing and I don’t feel guilty about it.

Tarali Das, ACS

Deputy Secretary to the Govt. Of Assam,

Higher Education Department, Dispur

Being a civil servant and a mother of two daughters, I was really busy with my work and family life. Of course I enjoyed each day of life without a second thought. However, as soon as I saw the advertisement of Annkita Dolawwat on Latin Ballroom dance, I got a flashback of my childhood memories of dance classes. Instantly, I felt that I must grab the opportunity to learn a new form of dance to make my life more vibrant. Today I can proudly say that I took a perfect decision of joining her classes. Annkita is an excellent ballroom dance faculty. Moreover, she is very friendly that makes our classes lively and enjoyable. Now days, I with my co partner eagerly wait for the Friday Ballroom dance class. This class rejuvenates me for whole week and has made me confident dancer. My best wishes to Annkita Dolawwat.


Hamad M.A.R. Berlashker

Founder – CEO / Chief Consultant – TANGENT

As a communications professional, my never-ending work requires me to be on my toes all the time. Stress takes a toll on one’s health and also on one’s social life.

I never thought I would be able to make time for the weekly dance classes. But as luck would have it, not only did I make time but also improved my work-life balance.


An inspiring professional, Annkita’s style of instruction is unique and makes the dance form easy and interesting to learn for a working professional like me. She gives each of one of us her undivided attention. Learning ballroom dance with Annkita has helped me be a better dancer.


My learning’s from dancing taught me that with proactive approach, we can always learn new skills and discipline. I am a better person at hearing. Dancing has made me more agile and helped me in my mental space, by giving myself 2 hours of total focus at my learning sessions where I could forget the stress of the day. My body language has also improved tremendously. I am more conscious of my health, body and mind.


Now, I look forward to when Friday will come and I would put my dancing shoes on.


North East side of India is a culturally rich space where locals are the most creative people who are very interestingly inclined towards music and art, Annkita is trying to add a little ballroom dancing and become a part of this beautiful diverse society.

Ankita Says

“Ballroom dancing and for that matter any style of dance, I believe teaches one a lot of things apart from just moving to beats.. it teaches musicality, mind and body co ordination, flexibility, etiquettes, body language and postures, different cultures across the world because of so many varied styles and their history and background, and a lot more. I personally feel that each and everyone should try to start their day with a little bit of dance, because it create magic ahead!! “


Annkita Dolawwat is a trained Latin and standard ballroom dance teacher who hails from Mumbai and is currently residing in Guwahati. She has been teaching Latin ballroom dance styles like rumba, samba, cha cha, jive, paso doble and standard ballroom styles like waltz, foxtrot, Viennese waltz, quick step and many more around Guwahati city since last 5 months.

Join us for ballroom lessons if you wish to groove to the Latin American and Standard ballroom dancing.

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