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No-code Technology Platform Quixy envisions Digital Transformation via democratization of software development

AZIR KHOBOR, GUWAHATI, 11TH DECEMBER 2022 : The 8th Edition of GovConnect National Digital Transformation Conclave was held in the city. Senior policymakers, government functionaries and industry leaders have showcased active enthusiasm at the event to discuss spinning the digital revolution in India. Quixy  (VividMinds Technologies Pvt. Ltd), a leading No-Code Workflow Automation and Enterprise Application Development platform, introduced the power of no code technology at the event at the Digital Transformation Conclave. No-code technology realizes the idea of enabling people in building software without having to write code, or without even knowing how to code.


At the event, Quixy was bestowed with the Digital Transformation Platform of the Year Award. Quixy platform was developed with this vision to digitize every public or private enterprise globally through the democratization of software development. Quixy asserts that everyone should be able to build custom IT applications for their unique requirements without having to know how to code.



Mr. Gautam Nimmagadda, Founder & CEO, Quixy, as a speaker at the panel, asserted that the government officials today need application development platforms that can be used to build and rollout application swiftly and make changes to them easily as policies evolve. No-code low-code platforms like Quixy bring that power to the government departments where each department can build applications for their unique needs 10X faster compared to traditional approach without writing any code.


No Code Technology platforms like Quixy take the “ability to write code” out of the picture and enable the non-technical workforce to participate in solution building. Any citizen with basic computer knowledge can automate processes and build software applications without writing code and deploy them with a click of a button. By 2025, 70% of new enterprise apps will be created utilizing low-code or no-code technologies, predicts Gartner, eminent global analyst.


Speaking about this unique technology, Mr. Gautam Nimmagadda, Founder & CEO, Quixy said, “I believe excellent governance comes from one – outstanding leadership and two – good policies. Technology comes third as an enabler. Building solutions that can be adopted by the entire population, including those in villages and remote areas, require involving those who understand the local conditions and the problem that hinders adoption. No-code platforms like Quixy empower those government officials closest to the problems faced to get involved in building the solutions, thereby improving the adoption of these solutions. With no-code, solutions can be built up to 10X faster, and also modified and redeployed to suit the changing policies and requirements very quickly”


The Hyderabad headquartered technology company has a team of over 250 specialists working from all over the country, in a remote method.

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