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An Engeneer commits suicide after losing money in Game

A 29-year-old engineer committed suicide in Coimbatore after allegedly losing money at online gambling. When retrieving his body, police discovered a handwritten letter from the deceased in which he said that he was taking extreme measures since he had lost both his own money and the money he had borrowed from his friends.

Shankar, was found hanging in his Coimbatore hotel room. The 29-year-old had a gambling addiction. It’s claimed that he initially made some money playing online poker. Unfortunately, when he kept playing, he eventually lost all of his savings.


Reports claims that, Shankar borrowed money from his pals in an effort to make up for his losses. He reportedly also lost that money, though. Shankar experienced a depressed episode as a result.

He informed his family that he would be leaving town for work on Monday, December 12, and then made reservations for himself at a hotel in Coimbatore. The staff noticed that Shankar hadn’t left the room until 4 p.m. the following day and that he hadn’t returned calls or answered the door. The hotel management asked a room boy to use the duplicate key to unlock the room after growing suspicious.

They were stunned to discover Shankar hanging from the room’s fan. They called the neighbourhood cops right away. After conducting a quick inquiry, officials who responded to the scene discovered a note written by Shankar in which he said that he was taking this drastic action since he had lost all of his money and the money he had borrowed from his friends as well. The message continued, ‘Please pardon me, friends.’

The deceased failed to disclose how much he borrowed from friends and how much he lost online. The body of Shankar was found by police, who then sent it for an autopsy.

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