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ASG Eye Hospital Guwahati Celebrates National Road Safety Week 2023

The Road Safety Week celebration is being initiated by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways with an aim to raise public awareness about traffic rules.

Guwahati, January 11: During the National Road Safety Week ‘ASG Eye Hospital’ in Guwahati branch has organised road safety awareness, to educate the public about the consequences of reckless or negligent driving. The method to provide awareness or to communicate with the masses aiming at promoting safe driving habits among the citizens across the country.
Every year, the National Road Safety Week is celebrated from January 11 to 17. Organises every year by Different organization and the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways government of India, the following week intends to spread awareness around road safety, which is a major concern for authorities as well as the government.
As per the reports road accidents claimed over 1.5 lakh lives in 2021 whereas more than 3 lakh people injured.
Road accidents occur due to speeding, the distance between vehicles and health problems. Driving in inebriated state, speaking on cell phone and exhaustion are also major contributing factors to accidents.



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