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Breaking: Doctor Waliul Islam & Sangeeta Dutta arrested for cruelty on adopted daughter

the cruelty of the highly educated doctor couple jolts the entire state


Guwahati, May 7,2023: Doctor couple Waliul Islam and Sangeeta Dutta arrested for brutal torture on 4 years old adopted daughter
Dibya Kamal Bordoloi on
May 7, 2023. Both the couple are city based doctor Dr Waliul Islam and Dr Sangeeta Dutta were arrested by Assam police for physically and sexually torturing 4 years old adopted daughter. Dr Waliul was arrested from his home on May 4 after people found his minor daughter tied with plastic rope on the terrace of the flat, in the blaring summer heat, where the doctor couple resides. Inmates of the flat informed the child rights society when they saw the minor child tied with ropes on the terrace. The adopted mother of the child Dr Sangeeta Dutta has been absconding since then. She was on run but she got arrested by city police on Saturday night from the Meghalaya border area.


The entire matter came to light after child rights activist Miguel Das Queah took to social media and informed about the incident. For a long time, “I had received complaints about this horrid doctor couple who regularly tied their little daughter on their terrace in the blaring summer heat. This little 5-year-old girl child also has bruise marks all over their body. I had requested the witnesses to file a complaint but no one was willing, till finally today someone had the courage. (Kudos to the person who called the Police) I had in the meantime updated the Child Welfare Committee on the matter”.

“This doctor couple Dr. Waliul Islam and Dr. Sangeeta Dutta hobnob with the rich and the powerful and therefore they thought that they are beyond the purview of the law. I request the Assam Police to check the bruises, talk with the teachers, talk with the neighbours, and most importantly check the adoption documents. The child should immediately be pulled out of that abusive environment,” the post further said.

After medical examination Doctors found burnt marks on the whole body and it was also in her private parts too. In police interrogation, the doctor couple admitted that they adopted both the son and daughter from unknown sources. No formalities were done while adopting the minor kids in 2019.

Investigating officer said that hot iron marks are visible on the private parts of the child. Moreover, hot water was also poured on her body and several marks of that are still visible. Police are now investigating how the minor kids were adopted illegally by the doctor couple. Police are suspecting a racket that illegally provides babies to rich families violating all child rights norms. However, the cruelty of the highly educated doctor couple jolts the entire state.

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