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Water Pipeline Burst in Guwahati causes flood like scene

This is the second time pipeline burst in Guwahati within a month

The burst of yet another water supply pipeline, caused a flood-like scene in Guwahati’s Rajgarh area on Monday.

The incident resulted in a massive water gush in the area with thousands of litres of water being spilled over the road which connects Rajgarh with Commerce College Point in Guwahati. 


Desaster management team teams have been deployed at the locations and residents as well as other shop owners in the area have decided to move away from the area to avoid any further mishaps.

No death have been reported only the Damage of Musical instruments shop have been reported so far.

Earlier on May 25, a massive pipeline burst in Guwahati’s Kharguli area resulting in the death of one woman while several others were injured. One Sumitra Das Rabha lost her life when a wall collapsed under the impact of the water pressure.

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