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Modern English School observes International Yoga Day

Guwahati, June 21, 2023: More than 150 enthusiastic kids participated in the International Day of Yoga organised by Modern English School (MES), Kahilipara, Guwahati today. The event was filled with joy and positive energy as the young minds eagerly embraced yoga.
Under the guidance of our Yoga instructor Mr. Saiful Islam, the students of MES gracefully performed various yoga poses, showcasing their flexibility and focus. The atmosphere was vibrant, with laughter and relaxation filling the air.
Expressing his happiness on completion of the successful event, Principal Mrs. Jonali Das says, “Witnessing the children engaging in this ancient practice was heartwarming; promoting physical and mental well-being was heartwarming. This event fostered a sense of unity and instilled the importance of mindfulness and healthy living in the young generation.”
Modern English School, Kahilipara, has always believed in overall development along with commitment to academic excellence of the students. For physical development of the students the school has recently launched their MES Sports Academies – Basketball, Badminton, Cricket, Football, Taekwondo, Chess and Yoga.

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