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Assam police summons 35 internet service providers in related to cybercrime

Guwahati, Sept 24 :  In a remarkable move, the Crime Branch of the Assam Police has summoned 35 internet service providers operating in the Guwahati city to assist in an ongoing investigation into cybercrime activities.
The police have released daily data consumption records of suspected cybercriminals and are diligently collecting information about users connected to these services.
The investigation has led to the identification of three key masterminds behind the cybercrime activities: David, Divyam, and Rajan. The Crime Branch has compiled a comprehensive list of their assets, and plans are underway to seize their possessions.
A specialized team from Noida and Delhi is slated to arrive in Guwahati shortly to provide support in the ongoing inquiry.
Another individual implicated in alleged cybercrime activities, Mahendra Chand, has provided crucial information during questioning.
As a result, Mahendra Chand, a resident of Nepal, has been remanded in police custody for a seven-day period. Chand had resided in Subansiri Apartment in Chandmari, which was later discovered to be a hub for cybercriminal operations.
Furthermore, Mahendra Chand’s involvement in the mysterious suicide of a young woman in Bamunimaidam area has come to light, intensifying the ongoing investigation.
At present, Mahendra Chand is in the custody of the Crime Branch, and authorities are working tirelessly to unravel the complexities of the cybercrime network that has operated in the region.


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