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Igniting Entrepreneurship: NEHHDC and Assam Startup Inspire Innovation in the Northeast


Guwahati: The North Eastern Handicrafts & Handlooms Development Corporation Limited (NEHHDC) in collaboration with Assam Startup – The Nest, organized a dynamic Entrepreneurship Awareness Programme (EAP) at The Nest in Guwahati. This initiative represents a significant stride towards cultivating innovation, collaboration, and entrepreneurial spirit in the state of Assam.


The program marks one of the recent endeavors by the Department of Livelihood & Entrepreneurship (DoL&E) within NEHHDC to raise awareness among students and entrepreneurs in the region. The DoL&E, having secured a substantial target from the Ministry of MSME, of conducting 100 Entrepreneurship Awareness Programs (EAP) and 50 Entrepreneurship cum Skill Development Programs (ESDP) across the NER, aims to not only disseminate information but also explore crucial factors such as the importance of mentorship and guidance in entrepreneurial success.

The event signified NEHHDC’s collective purpose to engage in discussions, gain insights, and share ideas on enhancing the overall entrepreneurship ecosystem in the North East.

Dr. Sriparna B Baruah, Advisor, DoL&E, NEHHDC, with 36+ years in Management Education and SME Development, aimed at Entrepreneurship and Livelihood Generation, emphasized the vital role of focused mentorship, handholding, and networking in enhancing the entrepreneurial ecosystem in the NER.

She urged entrepreneurs to seek guidance from institutions like NEHHDC and Assam Startup to address region-specific challenges.

Shri Chinmoy Prakash Phookan, ACS, Managing Director of Assam Industrial Infrastructure Development Corporation (AIIDC), served as the Chief Guest, sharing insightful perspectives on entrepreneurship and economic growth of the region. He expressed eagerness to collaborate with NEHHDC to reshape the business environment of Assam.

In an interactive session featuring Dr. Rita Kakati Shah, the event’s Special Guest Speaker, and Dr. Baruah, the audience discovered how effective mentorship and guidance played a crucial role in Dr. Shah’s remarkable success. Dr. Shah, a globally recognized mentor in gender, diversity, and inclusion, shared invaluable insights from her 25-year career, inspiring aspiring entrepreneurs, particularly women, to adopt confidence and a proactive approach to success.

The event’s standout moment came from Mr. Siddhartha Chowdhary, Chairman and CEO of Credence Management Solutions. He emphasized the significance of daring to dream big, stressing that successful entrepreneurs must embrace risks and challenges, navigating obstacles with innovative approaches without fearing failure.

Mr. Mrinmoy Pathak, CA, and Director of Youth Cove Foundation attended the event to underscore the importance of financial management in fostering effective entrepreneurial growth.

Brig. Rajiv Singh (Retd.), Managing Director of NEHHDC, emphasized the organization’s role as a dedicated ecosystem fostering sustainable entrepreneurship and livelihood opportunities in the NER. He reaffirmed NEHHDC’s commitment to enhancing the entrepreneurial landscape in the NER through collaborations with stakeholders like AIIDC and Assam Startup – The Nest.

In summary, the Entrepreneurship Awareness Programme gathered a diverse group of esteemed guests, entrepreneurs, and students, fostering an environment conducive to networking, idea exchange, and collaborative initiatives. This insightful occasion served as a platform for the convergence of ideas, expertise, and enthusiasm, shaping the business environment in the Northeast.

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