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Japan Earthquake updates : Death toll climbs to 48 relief, rescue operation underway, issued tsunami warning ⚠️

A series of strong earthquakes struck Japan on Monday, triggering tsunami waves as high as five foot, and prompting authorities to issue tsunami warnings and evacuation advisories for people on the country’s northwestern coast, local media reported.

According to the Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA), the earthquake hit Ishikawa and nearby prefectures, with one of them having a preliminary magnitude of 7.6, according to The Associated Press. According to the local weather agencies, tsunami waves were predicted within 300 kilometres of the epicentre in Noto in Ishigawa after the earthquake.


The earthquake began with a 5.7 magnitude earthquake at 4:06 pm (local time). This was followed by a 7.6-magnitude quake at 4:10 pm (local time), a 6.1 magnitude quake at 4:18 pm (local time), a 4.5 magnitude one at 4:23 pm (local time), a 4.6 magnitude quake at 4:29 pm (local time), 4.8 magnitude quake at 4:32 pm (local time).

Tsunami warnings were issued by the JMA along the western coastal regions of Ishikawa, Niigata and Toyama prefectures, Reuters reported. Other prefectures, including Niigata and Toyama, saw waves reaching up to 3 metres, NHK reported.

Several videos on social media showed buildings shaking violently, prompting people to rush for cover beneath chairs and tables and raging tsunami waves threatening to inundate coastal areas.

The earthquakes flattened several houses and led to cracks in roads in the affected areas.

Local media reported that Shinkansen bullet train services were suspended in central and eastern Japan following the series of earthquakes and tsunami warnings.

Power supply to nearly 34,000 households has been lost after the tsunami. Several major highways in central Japan near the epicentre were shut. Phone and internet services in Ishikawa and Niigata were disrupted.

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