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Viral: Nude video call of Woman BJP worker leaked on Social media

Explicit videos of a BJP Mahila Morcha official doing nude video calls have gone viral

New Delhi: A prominent BJP Mahila Morcha official finds herself in a significant scandal after private nude video calls were leaked online.

The videos and screenshots have rapidly spread on social media, placing the woman leader in a precarious situation.


Viral video causes political uproar in Agra

In Agra, Uttar Pradesh, explicit videos of a BJP Mahila Morcha official doing nude video calls have gone viral, causing a major stir. The affected woman leader has filed a legal complaint against a fellow party member, alleging that political rivalry motivated the leak. She claims that this act has severely tarnished her public image, implicating a former woman official in spreading the video.

What happened?

The controversy erupted when an explicit video of the BJP Mahila Morcha official surfaced on social media, sending shockwaves through political circles. As the issue escalated, the police initiated an investigation, now involving the Crime Branch to determine the source of the leak.

From private calls to public scandal

The BJP Mahila Morcha official, residing in Secunderabad, lodged a complaint against a woman officer from Deendayal Mandal, a former Mandal officer, and Sanjay Kumar Gujjar after her explicit video went viral. According to the complaint, she had been in contact with the accused for about three years. As their relationship grew closer, they engaged in nude video calls, which were recorded. These recordings and

screenshots were subsequently made public, allegedly as part of a political vendetta.

Tracking the source

In response to the complaint, the police are tracing the Universal Time Record (UTR) of the mobile numbers of those accused. This step aims to identify who was responsible for making the explicit videos viral.

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