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Shocking News: Husband sales his wife nude videos and photos to make money 💰

she found he had been conversing with strangers and selling explicit photos and videos of her

A case that has torn apart relationships has come to light in which a woman, who had been supporting her unemployed husband after he quit his job, was devastated to discover that he was selling her nude photos to make money.

The incident, which surfaced on social media platforms, has sparked a heated debate, with many suggesting that she divorce her husband and report him to the police, especially since they have a child together.


What’s full matter?

According to media reports cited by the South China Morning Post from China Press, the Malaysian woman shared her distress in a social media post. She revealed that they had been married for four years and had a child. The woman explained that her husband had decided to quit his job three months ago due to exhaustion, a decision she supported

because they had savings and she was working herself. Since then, he had remained unemployed.

Husband recieved huge sum of money for this

The situation took a shocking turn when the woman discovered her husband had received a sum of money about a month ago. Upon checking his phone, she found he had been conversing with strangers and selling explicit photos and videos of her, which he had taken at his request and promised would not be shared. She recounted, “He initially denied selling them for profit and later deleted all evidence,” adding that he became secretive with his phone thereafter.

Selling the photos for financial needs

The woman revealed that she decided not to confront or separate from her husband immediately but instead gathered evidence discreetly. She noted that when she refused to provide more nude images, he accused her of not fulfilling his needs. Eventually, he admitted to selling the photos and videos due to financial desperation.

This highlights issues of trust and betrayal

However, this revelation has stunned many, highlighting issues of trust and betrayal within relationships, especially when personal privacy and consent are violated for monetary gain.

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