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Vespa celebrates Mother’s Day with the stories of contemporary mothers of India

AZIR KHOBOR, 9th May 2022, Pune: On account of Mother’s Day this year, Piaggio vehicles Pvt Ltd a 100 % subsidiary of the Italian Piaggio Group, and manufacturer of the emblematic 2-wheelers Vespa and Aprilia celebrated India’s contemporary mothers from different parts of the country who have played a motherly role in their facets of life.

With the belief that the spirit of motherhood goes beyond the stereotypical poetic image of a mother with her child, Vespa strongly believes that the embodiment of motherhood goes beyond genders, age or forms. To be able to honor and bring about their stories, Vespa collaborated with two such unique mothers who have inspired many with their own definition of motherhood.


The pandemic has had an unprecedented impact on the lives of many near and dear ones. People across the globe witnessed a massive change in their lives – both personally & professionally. During this turn of unfortunate events, Mahima Bhalotia from Mumbai was one of the many people who found themselves out of a corporate job. This gave her an opportunity to spend more time at home with her loved ones, and with that, she understood how her father needed her for the most basic tasks such as placing online orders or starting a video call. Mahima realized that just like her father, there are so many aged individuals who would need help with the most mundane basic tasks that are needed to go about life seamlessly. This realization gave birth to a new-age school & initiative by our unique mother Mahima called “The Social Paathshala”. The idea behind this was to have people above the age of 50 learn how to navigate around technology by starting video calls, sending WhatsApp locations, booking cabs, creating Facebook accounts to stay in touch, shopping online and so much more. Social Paathshala has helped more than 2000 people coming from diverse background like defense, medical, finance etc. This collaboration with Vespa brings about Mahima’s story of bravery, compassion and kindness where she has made the lives of so many people hassle-free by spreading her knowledge of technology with those who need it most.

Another such inspiring tale is of our present-day mom Archie Sen from Ranchi. A young girl in her mid-twenties, Archie realized that during the pandemic with restrictions, curfews and limited movement of people, stray dogs were devoid of even the most basic form of nourishment. She took it upon herself to deworm, feed and vaccinate the dogs in and around her area to keep them healthy and safe from any diseases. Along with that, our inspiring mom-warrior also organized fundraisers and adoption drives to help the strays in need. While narrating this story on the Vespa lent to her for a day, Archie mentioned taking a puppy to a nearby clinic for treatment. This form of selfless motherly love displayed by Archie showcases that we have moved beyond the old-age notion of what a mother’s love is.

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