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Symphony’s latest campaign draws synergies between air coolers and conservation of trees

Shares a powerful message on World Environment Day

Guwahati; June 4, 2022: With World Environment Day just around the corner, Symphony Limited has launched a heart-warming digital campaign to create awareness on the need to protect and conserve our planet. With technology making our lives simpler and more convenient, it has proved to be a hazard to our environment. Our oceans are depleting, global temperature is on a constant rise, wildlife is impacted, and the surface of the earth is drying! Resonating with this thought, the brand has come up with a digital campaign to bring about change and consciousness among the patrons with a compelling message. It draws synergies between the use of air coolers and conservation of trees.




The campaign film shows an old man walking on a parched land and a bird flying in the sky with the sun blazing up above. They both need some respite from the tormenting heat and then at a distance, they spot a tree! As they approach closer, much to their shock the tree is dry and bare. In another visual, a boy is shown switching on an air cooler with refreshing air going out of the window and transforming the entire scenery to a lush green landscape. With the trees turning green, birds chirping, and the man seeking refuge in the shade of the tree, the campaign resonates emotionally and ends with a strong message. For every unit of Symphony air cooler that one uses instead of an air conditioner, we save 40 trees!





Commenting on the initiative, Mr. Anuj Arora, Global Chief Marketing Officer, Symphony Limited says, “Symphony is a highly responsible brand when it comes to conservation of our planet earth and adhering to all measures to prevent any damage to the environment. With this campaign, our objective is to educate the consumers that they should be mindful of the environmental side effects of their choices and how adapting to sustainable ways of cooling can lead to a positive change. Additionally, our recent studies and research findings have shown that air coolers as a category are more environment-friendly and conducive. It is about time we brought about a change and conserve our planet.”




During the UN Climate Change Conference (COP26) summit held last year, most of the countries committed to cut emissions to net zero and reach carbon neutrality by 2060. Symphony has also taken a step in that direction to contribute to the cause. They partnered with Infinite Solutions, an Environment and Sustainability Consulting Company, for a study to understand the GHG emissions that happen at an organizational level for the production and sales of air coolers. While achieving carbon neutrality is a long-term goal, Symphony has been making conscious efforts in the past. The brand has planted trees across its premises, adopted 11,000 square meters of wasteland and developed a forest park with over 25,000 plants. This has helped emission reduction of 136.35 tCO2/year! The brand also carried out a Carbon Footprint assessment for its air coolers. As per the findings of that study:




Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emission of an air cooler is significantly lesser in comparison to air conditioners

For 1 unit of the brand’s residential air cooler, the total carbon dioxide saving against an air conditioner is 14.945 tonnes; this is equal to up-rooting of 42 trees

For 1 unit of commercial and industrial air cooler, total carbon dioxide saving against an air conditioner is 45.878 tonnes, this is the same as up-rooting of 128 trees As per Statista, specializing in research for market and consumer data, the reports highlights that the total sale of air conditioners in the last 5 years (From 2018 to 2022) is approx. 3.33 Cr. If consumers would have purchased these many coolers instead of air conditioners, we could have saved approx. 140 Cr trees (42 x 3.33 Cr).




It is about time we assumed collective responsibility to access and comprehend the irreparable damage we are doing to our planet. With conscious decisions and choices, we can go a long way in conserving our trees and saving natural reservoirs for a better tomorrow !



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