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Guwahati Diwali Celebration: Poor Air Quality Index stood at 174 AQI

Amid Diwali celebrations in Assam, the Air Quality Index (AQI) in Guwahati stood at 174 AQI (POOR) on Monday morning, highlighting concerns about air pollution in the region. The concentration of PM2.5 in Guwahati measured at 80 µg/m3, surpassing the recommended limit by 3.20 times.

In comparison, New Delhi reported a severe AQI of 589 on Monday morning, with the concentration of PM2.5 reaching 448 µg/m2, which is 17.92 times higher than the recommended limit. Mumbai, on the other hand, recorded a relatively lower AQI of 92 (POOR), with the PM2.5 concentration at 43 µg/m2, exceeding the recommended limit by 1.72 times.


Notably, some of the most polluted cities in the country include Patna, recording a high AQI of 476, followed by New Delhi at 378 and Noida at 362 in the last 24 hours. In contrast, the least polluted cities include Aizawl with an AQI of 4, Kohima at 7, and Kolar at 8.

The 24-hour average AQI for Guwahati stands at 138, surpassing the state average for Assam at 132. The national average remains at 138 AQI. These figures underscore the regional variations in air quality and the impact of local factors on pollution levels.


As concerns about air quality persist, monitoring and addressing pollution sources become imperative to safeguard public health and the environment. The data emphasizes the need for sustainable practices and policies to curb air pollution and promote healthier living conditions in various parts of the country.

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