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– Damodar Boruah


There is a limit! How long will you wait ? One day, two days, three days,…after that one cannot wait further. One has to get up, one has to start , one has to work, whatever within it’s one’s reach. One cannot go elsewhere to start working new. How long will one use smartphone – the same Socialmedia platforms, the same work, even reading articles, stories, news across blogs, websites. All have limitations. Within this boundary one has to start something, otherwise one will loose his time, and there is nothing left except blaming.

The same happened to me in 2020 , when first lockdown started in the month of March, what to do, what not to do, I was puzzled, but I was optimistic ,and I am habit of taking always chance in difficulties, or in darkness. As I got some – about one hundred Bhut Jolokia(King Chilli) saplings, I planned to start with seriously, at least, I should do experimental basis in Kitchen Garden. The plants grew, fruits came out, plants grew as high as five feet to six feet. I started experimenting with branching of plants like pruning, one does in tea plants, because as a Small Tea Grower(STG), I have some of its concept and technique. The plants were such shaped, colourful, beautifully looked with red elongated unsmooth fruits, lot of enquiries, comments came in facebook. Two – three interviews were taken as though I were a big farmer.It was interesting.

Today as such, with enough study on the crop, gifting and selling seeds to many friends of different states in country like West Bengal, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Uttarakhand, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh , I have created a network of friends for this crop. It is interesting to say, how many can dare to extract Bhut Jolokia seeds from a ripe fruit? Very few can think of it because it’s one of the super hot chilli in world haing SHU above 1 million. But I can extract seeds from two-three kg/day if I am free from work. Obviously I will charge rupees three hundred-four hundred for extracting per kg. Once again I realised ‘There is an art of extracting Bhut Jolokia seeds’. A lesson, a tough lesson has taught me to introduce me as a new Bhut Jolokia seed seller in state or country. Though it’s a beginning. At the same time, that little start in lockdown unified me with another start of Bhut Jolokia Nursery. That last season I did sell about fifty four thousand saplings which has created me a new image as a Bhut Jolokia Nursery Farmer.Looking at me many have started cultivating Bhut Jolokia plants. Thus in some young minds have created dream of becoming an entrepreneurs. What more do we want from a single action ?

Today, what I want to say, one should not blame the situation. One has to be opportunistic, always be positive, has to think what one can do, when many cannot do, but can you do, and you have little energy to do, because you like to do that work, and probably wherein your heart is and you are made for it. So , miss not it, no matter it is pandemic, or if are you alive even after tsunamic disaster, that means , you have to start, excuse no one, just go for it, work for it. It’s a chance, a new journey, you have to start-just start it. God has created you for this road only.

– Damodar Boruah, Author Born To Do Big, Kakodonga
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