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10-year-old Hebbar wins Young Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2021 Award

New Delhi: From Bengaluru a boy name Vidyun R Hebbar has won the Young Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2021 Award for his picture of a ‘tent spider in its web‘.

The picture taken by 10-year-old Hebbar captures the entangled web of a tent spider and is called Dome Home.


It’s such an imaginative way of photographing a spider. The picture is perfectly framed, the focus is spot on,” said Roz Kidman Cox, Chair of the Jury.

“But the really clever bit is the addition of a creative backdrop – the bright colours of a motorised rickshaw,” she added.

Check this out his photography below:

“You can actually see the little fangs if you blow up the picture. I love the way it’s been framed and the way you can see all the texture of the web, its lattice structure,” Cox told BBC News.

Hebbar on his part recalled that “it was challenging to focus the tent spider because the web shook every time a vehicle passed by”

The competition, arrange every year since 1965 by London’s Natural History Museum, attracted over 50,000 entries from across the world this year.

The contest, which had 19 different categories, also featured an overall wildlife photographer of the year.

Each entry was judged anonymously by a panel of experts for its originality, narrative, technical excellence, and ethical practice.

The exhibition will open at the Museum on October 15.

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